A+ Security – an additional level of protection will be activated the instant the line is cut. When the phone line is disabled, a wireless signal will be sent to the central station and operators will dispatch the authorities. Other alarm systems will not send or receive a signal if your phone line has been cut, and as a result no authorities will be alerted of the break-in.

There is a service available to provide a lower cost phone service over high-speed Internet (VoIP). If you are considering replacing your existing telephone service with VoIP, please be aware that you may prevent your alarm from communicating with the monitoring station. This service is only as dependable as the internet connection in the premise, which can experience network outages or be affected by power failures. In fact, because of these service outages or slowdowns, many VoIP telephone providers advise their clients not to rely on their services for alarm systems. We are concerned about your safety and security. We strongly recommend combining Ultimate Protection CELLULAR BACK-UP if you use any VOIP or other non traditional phone service to ensure your uninterrupted safety and protection.

The A+ Security logo has the highest deterrent value of any alarm system because of the patented line-cut technology. A+ Security actively advertises the line-cut technology to inform potential thieves that the technology exists, acting as a deterrent to future break-ins.

A monitoring contract is standard in the industry. Signing A+ Security monitoring agreement means that our rates to you, our customer, are guaranteed not to increase for the length of the contract. In additon, we offer NO contract as well. A+ Security likes to provide different options to our customers.

YES! When you have fulfilled the contract if you signed one.

Absolutely! A+Security sensors can be positioned in your home to protect areas around you. In addition, a wireless panic button can be added for extra peace of mind.

Almost 50% of A+ Security’s customers have pets. The sensors can be positioned to create a “pet alley” that allows your pets to be mobile while the alarm is set. Because our system is wireless it is very easy to adapt for pets. Our system can be adapted for pets.