Cellular Back Up

Professional Viewpoint

Why is Cellular Back Up so IMPERATIVE?

Burglars are CUTTING phone lines outside residential homes, so when they intrude the HOME SECURITY SYSTEM cannot call the monitoring station. 85% of peole who currently have alarms with just a land line can NOT feel secure.

  • Cellular solution provides reliable backup and uninterrupted communications if an intrusion occurs
  • Honeywell enlightens us here that VoIP (Voice-Over-Internet-Protocol) or Internet based phone service can In ALL cases, your security/life system relies on proper operation of the TELEPHONE LINE, and its associated special security wiring, to reliably communicate alarm signals to the central station (monitoring station). There are several important things to consider before making the decision to use VoIP or digital telephone service.

Please read what HONEYWELL has to say

Does getting cellular back up mean I have to replace all my equipment?
No. A+ Security can link our cellular back up device to your existing system with No CONTRACT.

Do I need Cellular Back Up Now?
Yes. If your currently paying a fee for your home security system, is it really worth it if your not fully secure? It you currently own or have a home security system you see value in protecting your home and loved one. Make the switch to A+ Security to receive the simple upgrade to full protection because that is the purpose of a Security/Life system.